A. Perallos

16 co-authored publications
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Good practice proposal for the implementation, presentation, and comparison of metaheuristics for solving routing problems

6 E. Osaba, R. Carballedo, F. Díaz, E. Onieva, A.D. Masegosa, A. Perallos

Journal article 2018
Magnetic field forming Using Planar Multicoil Antenna to Generate Orthogonal H-Field Components

5 A. Sharma, G. Singh, D. Bhatnagar, I. Garcia Zuazola, A. Perallos

Journal article 2017
Multipurpose Near- and Far-Field Switched Multiband Coil Antenna for 915-MHz/2.45/5.8-GHz RFIDs

3 A. Sharma, I. Garcia Zuazola, A. Perallos

Journal article 2017
Influence of the Distribution of Tag IDs on RFID Memoryless Anti-Collision Protocols

4 N. Cmiljanic, H. Landaluce, A. Perallos, L. Arjona

Journal article 2017
Design and Implementation of Context Aware Applications With Wireless Sensor Network Support in Urban Train Transportation Environments

9 E. Aguirre, P. Lopez-Iturri, L. Azpilicueta, A. Redondo, J.J. Astrain, J. Villadangos, A. Bahillo, A. Perallos, F. Falcone

Journal article 2017
WAY: Seamless Positioning Using a Smart Device

4 A. Bahillo, T. Aguilera, F.J. Álvarez, A. Perallos

Journal article 2017
A High Throughput Anticollision Protocol to Decrease the Energy Consumption in a Passive RFID System

5 H. Landaluce, L. Arjona, A. Perallos, L. Bengtsson, N. Cmiljanic

Journal article 2017
Special issue SOCO14-JAL

6 P. Garcia Bringas, A. Perallos, A. Masegosa, A. Herrero, H. Quintián, E. Corchado

Journal article 2017
Optimization and Design of Wireless Systems for the Implementation of Context Aware Scenarios in Railway Passenger Vehicles

9 L. Azpilicueta, J.J. Astrain, P. Lopez-Iturri, F. Granda, C. Vargas-Rosales, J. Villadangos, A. Perallos, A. Bahillo, F. Falcone

Journal article 2017
Scalable RFID Tag Estimator With Enhanced Accuracy and Low Estimation Time

4 L. Arjona, H. Landaluce, A. Perallos, E. Onieva

Journal article 2017
An Energy and Identification Time Decreasing Procedure for Memoryless RFID Tag Anticollision Protocols

5 H. Landaluce, A. Perallos, E. Onieva, L. Arjona, L. Bengtsson

Journal article 2016
Enhancing Improved Heuristic Drift Elimination for Wrist-Worn PDR Systems in Buildings

5 L.E. Diez, A. Bahillo, S. Bataineh, A. Masegosa, A. Perallos

Conference paper 2016
TIMON Project: Description and Preliminary Tests for Traffic Prediction Using Evolutionary Techniques

6 E. Osaba, P Lopez, A. Masegosa, E. Onieva, H. Landaluce, A. Perallos

Conference paper 2016
Enhancing improved heuristic drift elimination for step-and-heading based pedestrian dead-reckoning systems

5 L.E. Diez, A. Bahillo, S. Bataineh, A.D. Masegosa, A. Perallos

Conference paper 2016
Decentralised intelligent transport system with distributed intelligence based on classification techniques

6 E. Osaba, E. Onieva, A. Moreno, P Lopez, A. Perallos, P. Garcia Bringas

Journal article 2016
A Multiple Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem with Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery to solve a Demand Responsive Transport Problem

6 Eneko Osaba, Fernando Díaz, Enrique Onieva, Pedro López, Roberto Carballedo, A. Perallos

Conference paper 2015