RDF description Dr. Unai Hernández

Postdoctoral Research Associate & Project Manager

Feb. 2009  -  Present
unai.hernandez [at] deusto.es


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Reliability of Cooperative Vehicular Applications on Real Scenarios Over an IEEE 802.11p Communications Architecture
Unai Hernández, Idoia De la Iglesia.
   E-Business and Telecommunications
Reliable Communication in Cooperative Ad hoc Networks
Unai Hernández, Aboobeker Sidhik, Idoia De la Iglesia.
   Contemporary Issues in Wireless Communications
2014  ≈ 1.8 MB
Using TETRA Technology for Improving a Decentralized Positioning System for Trains and Trams
Roberto Carballedo, Pablo Fernández, Unai Hernández, Asier Perallos.
   E-Business and Telecommunications