Society and industry’s present and future mobility needs through research in the field of new technologies.

Broadly, DeustoTech Mobility research centres on information and communications technologies (ICT) applied to transport, logistics and mobility. This research aims to develop intelligent systems capable of optimising the mobility of people and merchandise while ensuring it is more sustainable, efficient, comfortable and safe.

The team’s basic and applied research focuses on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), addressing these areas of knowledge:

  • Vehicular communications
  • Optimization of RFID communications
  • Seamless positioning systems
  • Soft Computing applied to ITS
  • Linked Open (transport) Data management
  • Smart solutions for logistics, transportation and mobility

Should you be interested in any kind of collaboration with our research group, please contact:

  Pili Elejoste
  Head of Unit at DeustoTech Mobility
  pilar [DOT] elejoste [AT] deusto [DOT] es