2nd Annual Consortium Meeting – POSTLOWCIT

Published on Monday, 11 December 2017 - 06:47

On 29th of November Deusto hosted the annual consortium meeting of project PostLowcit. “Low-noise and low-carbon freight delivery for Postal Operators to ensure last mile connections through optimized urban and long distance transport”, co-funded by the European commission within CEF TRANSPORT call.

The consortium is led by Correos and also participates EVARM, reference company in the transformation of vehicles to Dual-Fuel and Deusto through the Faculty of Engineering and DeustoTech Mobility.

The Project consists of a long term feasibility study to draw the Correos´ Action Plan towards 2030 which includes the development of a distribution control system to ensure smooth last mile connections together with the deployment of electric vehicles and softer modes in urban areas and vehicles powered by autogas for long distance transport between urban nodes.

Researchers from the 3 institutions participated in this official meeting in which they reviewed the progress of the project, which is in the development phase of the platform that will integrate the different modules that will provide information on the participating vehicles in the piloting: vans and motorcycles both combustion and electric for the last mile and transformed trucks for long distance.

The meeting also served to plan the further activities in order to validate the individual and integrated developments and the execution of the pilot tests that will take place in 2018. The developed subsystems will be validated in real scenarios in several points of the national territory.

To know more details of the project, click on the following link: www.postlowcit.eu