DeustoTech Mobility at the TRA conference 2018 in Vienna

Published on Sunday, 22 April 2018 - 22:03

DeustoTech Mobility has participated in the TRA conference 2018 in Vienna (, promoting TIMON project ( Dr Hugo Landaluce presented the latest advances in TIMON project during the scientific/ technological session “ST2: 5.2 Mobility as a Service and Mobility Management”. During the presentation, Dr Landaluce exposed the results obtained during the testing campaign in Helmond, The Netherlands, at TASS International facilities. Besides, he explained the challenges that TIMON will address in the piloting activities in Ljubljana (Slovenia), led by Iskra Sistemi, where TIMON system roll out will be done, involving the citizens as users of the system.

TIMON in collaboration with HIGHTS and ROADART projects, organized a workshop on “Real time ITS services towards a safer and more efficient road transport”, 17/April, in Galerie 5+6 at the TRA conference facilities. Dr Enrique Onieva, leading researcher of artificial intelligence at DeustoTech Mobility, participated as speaker in session 2, together with other 2 panelist, Marcus Bartels from Ibeo Automotive and Christos Oikonomopoulos from IMST.

Enrique Onieva at the workshop “Real time ITS services towards a safer and more efficient road transport”

During the sessions it was discussed a range of topics, such as communication technologies for delivering safety services to road users: Vulnerable Road Users (VRU), vehicles and truck drivers; The use of road sensors in road transport for delivering new transport services, i.e. road traffic monitoring, loop sensors, vehicles acting as sensor (floating data), inertial sensors, tec. Artificial intelligence techniques for traffic flows analysis, data fusion on positioning technologies, among others. Visualization technologies for real time services, user experience, alert, geolocated services, among others.

HIGHTS, ROADART and TIMON projects' members at the TRA2018

The TIMON project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 636220