POSTLowCIT in the Basque Sustainable Mobility Exhibition

Published on Thursday, 13 December 2018 - 09:42

Deusto participated in the Go Mobility, Southern Europe’s first industrial exhibition on future sustainable mobility, promoting POSTLowCIT project which took place in November 2018.

Held at Ficoba on 27th and 28th November, the exhibition attracted 70 exhibitors and 2,150 professional visitors, bringing together representatives of the extensive ecosystem making up this rapidly developi sector.

Deusto booked a booth showing the advances of the POSTLowCIT project, funded by CEF Transport call, and provided explanations to the interested visitors about the last mile delivery optimization algorithms or the monitoring and visualization dashboard developed.

In addition, the team participated in the ITS Euskadi conference, organized by the Cluster of MLC ITS (Mobility & Logistics ITS Cluster) of the Basque Country, in the framework of the exhibition, with a technological presentation. As one of the many Go Mobility’s side events, it served as a forum for discussion and reflection on the challenges of future sustainability mobility.

Both exhibitors and visitors rated the two-days event positively as regards both the products on display and the conferences and side events. It is remarkable that POSTLOWCIT was one of the highlighted initiatives in logistics by the organization.

The exhibitors expressed their satisfaction with the visitor profile and the quality and variety of Go Mobility’s side events, which have served as a forum for discussion and reflection on the challenges of future sustainability. Go Mobility is also a milestone for Gipuzkoa, and for extension Basque Country, as with a size of 12,000 sqm it is the first industrial trade fair of this scope to be held in the region.

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