RDF description Iñigo Lacoume

Research Assistant

Sep. 2012  -  Jun. 2014

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Shows the graph relationship between Iñigo Lacoume and his co-authors.

Number of publications
Timeline with the number of publications (by type and total amount) authored by Iñigo Lacoume through the years.

Author place
Distribution of publications by author place, classified by publication type authored by Iñigo Lacoume.

Tag cloud
Weighed list of the topics used in the publications authored by Iñigo Lacoume, visually represented as a cloud.

Similar people
Performs an analysis based on the topics used by Iñigo Lacoume, looking for similar people having published in those topics. The greatest the overlap, the strongest the similarity between them.

Displays the projects in which Iñigo Lacoume has been involved through the years.

Tag cloud
Weighed list of the topics used in the projects Iñigo Lacoume has worked in, visually represented as a cloud.

Displays in a visual way the different positions Iñigo Lacoume has held.