E. Osaba

10 co-authored publications
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Good practice proposal for the implementation, presentation, and comparison of metaheuristics for solving routing problems

6 E. Osaba, R. Carballedo, F. Díaz, E. Onieva, A.D. Masegosa, A. Perallos

Journal article 2018
Applications of Soft Computing in Intelligent Transportation Systems

4 A. Masegosa, E. Onieva, P Lopez, E. Osaba

Book section 2018
A Vision of a Smart City Addressing the Needs of Disabled Citizens

4 N. Rebernik, E. Osaba, A. Bahillo, D. Montero

Conference paper 2017  ≈ 608.0 KB
Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Traffic Prediction and Route Planning: the vision of TIMON project

6 E. Osaba, P Lopez, E. Onieva, A. Masegosa, L. Serrano, H. Landaluce

Conference paper 2017
Focusing on Route Minimization Solving the VRPTW Using Bat Algorithm and Random Reinsertion Operators

6 E. Osaba, R. Carballedo, X-S Yang, I. Fister, P Lopez, J. Del Ser

Book section 2017
Smart Bandwidth Assignation in an Underlay Cellular Network for Internet of Vehicles

4 I. De la Iglesia, U. Hernandez, E. Osaba, R. Carballedo

Journal article 2017
Adaptation of sport training plans

6 I. Fizter Jr, A. Iglesias, E. Osaba, U. Mlakar, J. Brest, I. Fister

Conference paper 2017
TIMON Project: Description and Preliminary Tests for Traffic Prediction Using Evolutionary Techniques

6 E. Osaba, P Lopez, A. Masegosa, E. Onieva, H. Landaluce, A. Perallos

Conference paper 2016
Design and Implementation of a Combinatorial Optimization Multi-population Meta-heuristic for Solving Vehicle Routing Problems

2 E. Osaba, F. Díaz

Journal article 2016
Decentralised intelligent transport system with distributed intelligence based on classification techniques

6 E. Osaba, E. Onieva, A. Moreno, P Lopez, A. Perallos, P. Garcia Bringas

Journal article 2016