RDF description Dr. Asier Moreno

Postdoctoral Research Technician

Jan. 2010  -  Present
asier.moreno [at] deusto.es

Arquitectura software distribuida para la generación y la provisión de información semántica para el transporte multimodal

Directed by: Asier Perallos     Co-advisor:  Diego López de Ipiña

 16 Sep 2016 - 12:00
 University of Deusto
 Cum Laude by unanimity

173 pages (≈ 16.6 MB)

One of the fundamental premises of this thesis is the necessity to establish mechanisms that give support to applications through proper management and publication of transit data. To meet these challenge, two main instruments are developed: a multimodal transport ontology, promoting the harmonization of available transit data; and a distributed and interoperable architecture, for the publication of semantic information.

A novel software architecture is presented, with particular emphasis on the design of the data model and the enablement of mobility-related services, providing a semantic model for the representation of transport information. These contributions have been validated through a laboratory test suite reproducing actual transport scenarios. A working solution of a semantic trip planner running on the proposed architecture is also presented, as a demonstration and validation of the system.