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Apr. 2005  -  Present
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A Foot-Mounted Pedestrian Tracker Using Low-Cost Bluetooth Inertial Sensors
Alfonso Bahillo, Luis Enrique Diez, Antonio Masegosa, Enrique Onieva, Asier Perallos, F. Falcone.
A migration strategy for distributed evolutionary algorithms based on stopping non-promising subpopulations: A case study on routing problems
Eneko Osaba, Enrique Onieva, Fernando Díaz, Roberto Carballedo, Pedro López, Asier Perallos.
   International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (IN PRESS)
A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for the tuning of fuzzy rule bases for uncoordinated intersections in autonomous driving
Enrique Onieva, Unai Hernández, Eneko Osaba, Asier Perallos, Xiao Zhang.
   Information Sciences
Dual Purpose Near- and Far-Field UHF RFID Coil Antenna with Non-uniformly Distributed-Turns
Ashwani Sharma, Ignacio Julio Garcia, J. Batchelor, Asier Perallos.
   IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters
Improvement of Drug Delivery Routes Through the Adoption of Multi-Operator Evolutionary <?Pub _newline ?>Algorithms and Intelligent Vans Capable of Reporting Real-Time Incidents
Enrique Onieva, Eneko Osaba, Ignacio Angulo, Asier Moreno, Alfonso Bahillo, Asier Perallos.
   IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
WAY: Continuous Positioning Using a Smart Device
Alfonso Bahillo, T. Aguilera, F.J. Álvarez, Asier Perallos.
   Wireless Personal Communication, Springer
AMCPA: A Population Metaheuristic With Adaptive Crossover Probability and Multi-Crossover Mechanism for Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Eneko Osaba, Fernando Díaz, Enrique Onieva, Roberto Carballedo, Asier Perallos.
   International Journal of Artificial Intelligence
2014  ≈ 470.1 KB
Influence of managing the number of tag bits transmitted on the query tree RFID collision resolution protocol
Hugo Landaluce, Asier Perallos, Ignacio Angulo.
   Journal of Communications Software and Systems
2013  ≈ 859.5 KB
New results in the suitability analysis of using blind crossover operators in genetic algorithms for solving routing problems
Eneko Osaba, Roberto Carballedo, Fernando Díaz, Enrique Onieva, Asier Perallos.
   SCIENTIFIC BULLETIN of The “POLITEHNICA” University of Timişoara, Romania Transactions on AUTOMATIC CONTROL and COMPUTER SCIENCE
2013  ≈ 186.5 KB
Herramienta de Simulación del Protocolo EPC GEN2 Class1 de RFID
Hugo Landaluce, Asier Perallos, Ignacio Angulo.
   Computer Science and Engineering
2012  ≈ 467.8 KB
Towards a Safer Railway Traffic Management based on a Backup Decentralized Wireless Positioning System
Asier Perallos, Itziar Salaberria, Roberto Carballedo, Ignacio Julio Garcia, Ignacio Angulo, Unai Hernández.
   Modern Traffic and Transportation Engineering Research (MTTER)
2012  ≈ 1.1 MB