RDF description Dr. Enrique Onieva

Postdoctoral Researcher & Project Manager

Jan. 2013  -  Present
enrique.onieva [at] deusto.es


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Date Title
01 Aug, 2019 LOGISTAR – First Users Board Workshop at IPIC Conference in London
24 May, 2019 LOGISTAR 3rd consortium meeting in Cork
15 Mar, 2019 Deustotech-Mobility, TIMON y la Inteligencia Artificial en los medios
01 Mar, 2019 TIMON recibe el premio UD-Banco Santander de Investigación
08 Feb, 2019 LOGISTAR Technical visit to Nestlé and Pladis in the UK
24 Jan, 2019 The AI team of the DeustoTech Mobility Unit ranked 3rd in the TRANSFOR19 competition
05 Dec, 2018 LOGISTAR First Technical Committee meeting in Gatwick
22 Apr, 2018 DeustoTech Mobility at the TRA conference 2018 in Vienna
09 Mar, 2018 Patente concedida a Fundación Deusto
20 Feb, 2018 TIMON 3rd Testing week in Helmond (The Netherlands)
30 Nov, 2017 TIMON Project presented results at the 1st European Conference on Results from Road Transport research in H2020 projects
29 Nov, 2017 ECTRI General Assembly in Bilbao
21 Nov, 2017 TIMON project at the "VIII Congreso ITS Euskadi"
26 May, 2017 TIMON project in “Workshop on Hybrid Communication”
31 Mar, 2017 TIMON project in “Thinking of mobility, Thinking on the road” workshop
25 Apr, 2016 DeustoTech-Mobility at TRA conference in Warsaw
11 Jun, 2015 Investigadores de DeustoTech Mobility editan el libro “Intelligent Transport Systems: Technologies and Applications”
01 Jun, 2015 DeustoTech Mobility presente en la Asamblea General de la European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities
23 Apr, 2015 DeustoTech Mobility participa en el XV Congreso ITS España
22 Dec, 2014 Lanzamiento del Proyecto eDeliverTIC