RDF description Natasa Rebernik

PhD student

Oct. 2016  -  Present

In 2008 she graduated in Community Engineering on a thesis “Map of the city of Maribor – Accessible public areas for wheelchair users”. In 2014 she defended her Bachelor’s degree (Bologna Master’s) in Archaeology for conducting a highly applicable interdisciplinary research on accessibility and inclusiveness of museological collections. Within the last 10 years she worked as a project manager and researcher in more than 20 national and international projects, delivering 15 publications either as an author or co-author. She has gained a strong professional and scientific background in social inclusion and accessibility of public spaces to better fit the needs of all groups of citizens, especially those from disadvantaged groups. In October 2016 she joined DeustoTech Mobility team as a PhD research candidate focusing on the research topic “A social cooperative monitoring tool for the production of inclusive public spaces” within the PhD programme “Engineering for the Information Society and Sustainable Development” at University of Deusto.