Multiple description transform coded transmission over OFDM broadcast channels


We consider image transmission using multiple description transform coding (MDTC) over orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (OFDM) wireless broadcast channels, where the system may not have any feedback on channel gains. We investigate the redundancy allocation in MDTC–OFDM system, physical layer frequency diversity, and decoding strategies to maximize the quality of reconstruction. Via mathematical analysis, supported by MATLAB simulations, we show that, error resilience of the descriptions can be increased by suitable assignment of coding redundancy in the transform modules at the source, which can be further optimized if the channel characteristics are known at the transmitter. Additionally, the relative performance of the MDTC–OFDM system is studied with respect to a competitive approach, called forward error correction based multiple description coding (MDC) over OFDM, where we show that, for the same redundancy assignment, the MDTC based system performs better under harsh channel conditions.