Radio frequency identification miniature interrogator antenna sprayed over an in-vehicle chassis


Among the different assets tracking solutions radiofrequency IDentification (RFID) is a promising technology for incar communications because of its relatively low-cost deployment and real-time monitoring and processes. In this study, a hidden, miniature, narrow-band antenna of dimensions 0.18l × 0.20l × 0.005l is presented, which is easy to manufacture using conductive paint sprayed over a car body. The design relies on a resonator, a negative image of the radiator for improved efficiency when in close proximity to ground planes and is suited for use in RFID networks using the unlicensed RFID band (865.6-867.6 MHz) described. The term miniature comes from the fact that the antenna is physically small given low proximity and insensitivity to the ground plane, which facilitates a possible coating layer over the antenna for hidden applications. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2012.